It’s Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work: 8 Non-Weird Study Tips

You’ve probably seen the commercial where sports fans act out a variety of superstitious rituals in hopes of helping their favorite team win. Then you’re told “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.”

And there’s some truth to that, right?

When it comes to studying, whatever helps you study better and do well on tests is probably what you should keep doing. And if for you that means studying while hopping on one foot, well hey, we’re not here to judge.

But, if you’re still trying to find what works or you’re looking to up your study game, we think you should take a look at this:

Credit: BuzzFeedVideo

BuzzFeed has offered eight essential, though sometimes slightly unorthodox, study hacks. Our thoughts? It’s not weird if it works.

Here is the short-version of BuzzFeed’s tips (But, you’ll need to watch the video to learn why these study hacks work!):

  1. Chew gum while you study – chew the same flavor during your test
  2. Record lectures – playback at 2x speed when studying
  3. Type notes in Times New Roman – serif fonts are easiest to read (we like Courier New ourselves)
  4. The Trail of Snacks – leave treats like Gummy Bears ™ or Hershey’s Kisses™ at the end of reading sections.
  5. Lose the vocals – if you listen to music, stick to instrumentals
  6. Vary your study locations
  7. Use practice tests to help with information recall
  8. Get some sleep

And now, we’d like to know: What are your go-to study hacks?

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