Apps We Love

Apps We Love

Four Apps We App-so-lutely Adore

In honor of  “Love Month,” the staff here at ETSU Online decided to share the apps that we love most.

Quiz Up

QuizUpMy favorite and most used app right now is QuizUp. QuizUp is a trivia app that allows you to play with friends. You can connect with other users through Facebook, Twitter, your contact list, a username, or have a random opponent assigned to you.  There are hundreds of topics with over 100,000 questions. Playing QuizUp is simple and fun and reaches out to all people of all ages.

My top current categories are Breaking Bad, Logos and Harry Potter, but topics aren’t all pop culture. You can compete in topics of History, Nature, Literature, Science, Geography, or even go directly to educational with math, missing letters, thesaurus and spelling.

When playing QuizUp,  a question pops up on your screen followed by four multiple choice answers. You must choose one of these answers within 10 seconds.

The fun doesn’t end with the quizzes. QuizUp also allows you to see your rankings against your friends or even the rest of the world,  you can use the chat feature to talk to your opponent during your match, or you can post on discussion boards for any topic.

I like to play before needing to focus on a project, it really is a brain teaser and wakes me up to get the job done. Here’s your chance to finally put that random knowledge to good use!

~Katie Westbrooks – Graphic Designer



FoodGawker provides users with pictures of food that may be saved to special folders for quick access when they need the recipe for something that looked delicious earlier while browsing. It’s like Pinterest, but for food!

Why I Love It:

The app allows me to search by name, meal, type of food, or even ethnicity of food, and then instead of drawing assumptions based on a description or name of the dish, I get a picture.

~Brandon Pennington, Online Admissions Counselor



The online retailer of books, movies, music and games along with electronics, toys, apparel, sports, tools, groceries and general home and garden items offers apps that make shopping from your phone or tablet easier.

My favorite features of the Amazon shopping app are:

  • Easy shopping
  • Easy wish list creation
  • Easy returns
  • Easy order tracking

~Darlene Constantine, Executive Aide for Online Programs



It’s being called ‘the Netflix of books’.

I first learned of this app when it showed up as suggested post in my Facebook feed…about 10 times. I finally broke down and clicked on it, and I have to say that I might just let this app change my life.

For a Netflix-like monthly fee, Oyster gives you access to over 100,000 titles in every genre you can imagine. And, yes, even new releases make the list. Given the rate at which I buy books, the monthly fee may actually saves me money. The interface is clean and easy, and the app will store up to 10 titles for you to enjoy offline reading for those times when you find yourself without Wi-Fi.

Why I love this app:

Because, of course.

~Heather Laurendeau, Director of Marketing for Online Programs

We love to love new apps! Share your favorites with us–we just might love them too!

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