ETSU Orientation Checklist

Here’s a handy-dandy guide to being prepared for orientation at ETSU.

Activate your ETSU Domain account

You will need to activate your ETSU domain and reset your password so you are able to use GoldLink at orientation. If your account was not activated during the admission process, you’ll need to do it now ( Don’t forget to bring this information with you to orientation. You need it to register for your courses!

Make sure your Goldmail account is up and running

The university communicates with students and faculty through Goldmail (ETSU email). The university will send you emails about orientation, advisement and account information.

Get your shots!

If you don’t turn in proof that you’ve had required immunizations, you won’t be able to register for classes. Make sure you have this submitted and check your status on GoldLink.

Check on your Financial Aid

Check Financial Aid status through GoldLink frequently. Things with Financial Aid can change frequently so make sure you stay up to date!

Register for Orientation

Make sure you have logged onto the orientation system, taken the quiz, and selected a date for your on-ground orientation. If you live more that 250 miles away, you can participate in orientation online. Email for more information.

Advanced tip: The ETSU Department of Housing and Residence Life has on-campus housing available for no additional cost. The First Look program includes lodging, dinner and breakfast. Visit the First Look to reserve your spot!

Advisement/Registration for classes

You’ll register for classes during orientation, but you should contact the advisor for your major beforehand. Some program of studies require pre-registration advisement. Some advisors might schedule you prior to your orientation date, and others might email you information needed for registration. Check the your program’s website to find contact information for your advisor.


Still have orientation questions? Visit for more information!

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